4 tips to master the martingale roulette at your fingertips

Study Reveals Nevada Most Gambling Addicted State in AmericaIf you are interested in the methods that can help you win more money on games of chance, and more particularly on some adapted table games, you must have heard of martingale roulette.

What is roulette martingale and how do you use it?

Martingale best online casino Malaysia roulette is without a doubt one of the most controversial strategies used in gambling. If it is mathematically logical and seems to be infallible, it does indeed have some shortcomings that should not be overlooked …

In general, this method is based on the idea of ​​covering losses by increasing successive bets. With the basic technique for example, you should in theory double the amounts bet as long as you suffer losses. When luck smiles, you will win enough to cover the sums lost up to this point in the game.

As we said, there are different martingales aimed at mitigating this or that shortcoming of this tactic. We will present the so-called Piquemouche one here, but many others are also in force, such as the Martingale dAlembert .


Now let’s move on to the general characteristics of the Piquemouche martingale

The Piquemouche martingale will be extremely useful, because it will allow you to limit the losses incurred as much as possible, thanks to an ingenious process. However, it is important to note that the latter will not allow you to win Pharaonic amounts. Thus, if you are daring players who are not afraid to take the risk of betting large sums of money even if it means losing a certain part of it, the Piquemouche martingale should probably not interest you. On the other hand, if you are more thoughtful players wanting to earn small profits from Queen of Casinos, the article below will be of great help to you.

The Piquemouche martingale has many similarities with the classic martingale, with the difference that here you have to double the bet on consecutive losses (more precisely after three consecutive losses), and not directly after the first losing move. In addition, when the player wins a round, the stake amount will revert to the starting amount. Thus, this system allows you to reimburse two of the three shots you have lost. Here are the advantages of the Piquemouche martingale:

  • As explained above, this is one of the safest martingales.
  • This martingale roulette online casino favors the simplest and less daring bets such as black, red, even, odd, miss and pass.
  • No need to have a high gambling capital to take advantage of this martingale roulette. As a result, the chances of losing big are limited.

However, it is important to know that the Piquemouche martingale is also the least profitable of all. So it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons in order to know if you prefer to take the risk of aiming for the jackpot at the risk of losing large amounts, or to limit your losses and try to win small amounts of money.

How to concretely use this profitable variant of martingale roulette?

To use this extended martingale roulette, it’s pretty straightforward. Indeed, this method is suitable for both experienced players and novices. To put it into practice, you will have to respect a precise betting pattern.

  • The player bets the first time: if he wins the game, he leaves with 2 units, the one he played and the one he won = total 1 unit.
  • If the player loses: he bets 1 unit, in case of wins, he pockets 2 units minus 1 (the one he played during the second game) minus 1 (the one he played during the first game ) = total of 0 units.
  • If the player loses a second time: he bets 1 unit, if he wins, he pockets 2 units minus 1 (the one he played during the third game), minus 1 (the one he played during the third game). of the second game), minus 1 (the one he played in the first game) = total of -1 unit.

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